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How to Earn Money as a Zyia Active Independent Rep

Handstand in Zyia Active leggings and sports bra


Awesome clothes? ✔️

Empowering mission? ✔️

Opportunity to grow? ✔️

Inspiring community? ✔️

Oh, and we get paid??? 💕

If you haven’t already, read my post on “5 Reasons Why I Became a Zyia Active Rep“. It wasn’t the money that convinced me… but it sure does help!

Too good to be true, right?

Wrong. Last year Lululemon spent $628M on marketing, stores & people to sell their apparel. Zyia Active has chosen to instead promote and sell their product through us, their customers! 🎉

It’s a great opportunity to earn side income or create a full-time opportunity running your own business whenever, however, and wherever you want!

So, how does it work?

As a Zyia Active rep, you earn money two ways: (1) selling the product, and (2) helping your team sell the product. You are compensated for both as seen in the table below:

Note: The information in this table was provided by Zyia Active. I have made notes on the table for ease of explanation.

Source: https://www.myzyia.com/amandar/content/join.aspx

There are 3 factors that impact your commission: (1) your rank, which I’ll cover in another post, (2) how much you sell, and (3) how much your team sells. There is also a one-time bonus for rank advancement.

Zyia Active Product You Sell

The first two columns show commissions earned on Zyia Active product that you sell. Note that you must sell at least $200 from your site to qualify as a rep and earn commissions each month.

Personal Sales Commission – you make 15-25% sales commission on your Personal Volume (PV) depending on your rank

Personal Commission Override – you receive an additional 2-10% commission if you sell more than $1,000 in Personal Volume that month. Again, the percentage earned varies based on your rank.

Here are two examples:

  • If a Jr Rep sells a commissionable volume of $500, they would receive $100 based on $500 volume x 20% PV commissions = $100. There is no commission override.
  • If an Executive sells $5,000, they would receive $1,500 based on $5,000 x (25% PV commissions + 5% Personal Override).

Does that make sense? Please ask questions in the comment section below.

Zyia Active Product Your Team Sells

In addition to earning commissions on your sales, you can also make money based on what your team sells once you reach the rank of Jr Rep. First, a quick explanation on your team’s “levels”:

  • 1st level = people you sign up
  • 2nd level = people your 1st level signs up
  • 3rd level = people your 2nd level sign up
  • 4th level = people your 3rd level sign up and so on (until 10 levels)

Your team (and commissions) can grow quickly with some effort! Let’s look at that table again:

Source: https://www.myzyia.com/amandar/content/join.aspx

Here are two quick examples:

  • A Jr. Rep signs one person to their team on the 1st level. The 1st level sells $2,000, so the Jr Rep earns $100 ($2,000 x 5%) on 1st level sales.
  • It gets a bit more complicated at higher levels. Let’s look at compensation for an Executive with a large team:
    • 1st level sales $2,500 x 7% = $175
    • 2nd level sales $5,000 x 4% = $200
    • 3rd level sales $10,000 x 3% = $300
    • 4th+ level sales $20,000 x 2% = $400  
    • Total $1,075 / mo plus your personal sales and bonus.

You can scale very quickly as you increase both your sales and that of your team. Pretty cool, huh?

Zyia Active Rank Bonus

You also receive a bonus for each rank advancement as seen on the far right. This is a one-time payment, like a bonus for a promotion.


I hope this answers a few questions on how you can make money with Zyia Active! Feel free to email me or ask additional questions in the comments below.

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