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How to Become a Zyia Active Rep – Zyia Rep | Zyia Active Independent Rep
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How to Become a Zyia Active Rep

Start Selling Zyia Active in 3 Easy Steps

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Becoming a Zyia Active Independent Rep is super easy. Like 5 minutes easy.

First, find a sponsor

Your sponsor is your coach, mentor and cheerleader. While you can technically sign up directly with Zyia Active, working with a team is more fun and much easier than doing it on your own.

My sponsor has been a lifesaver in helping me get started. When I needed more product and demo resources for an event, I borrowed them from her. When I had Zyia product and rep questions, she answered them. When I held my first party, she coached me through it.

Finding a great sponsor will help jump-start your business and build relationships in the company. In no time, you’ll build out your own team and create the same type of relationships with them.

I would love to have you join my team! With my background in business, I get excited about helping others set up their business, sharing marketing tips, and answering their questions. 

Contact me or click below to sign up.

Become a Rep

The two most common questions I hear:

Does signing up directly with the company increase my commission?
No. Your commission is exactly the same no matter how you sign up, which is why you’re better off joining an existing team that is invested in helping you succeed.

Does my sponsor make money when I sign up?
No way! Your sponsor only makes money when you do, and it has no impact on your own earnings.

Sign up (Buy your starter kit)

Signing up only takes a few minutes, but does require that you purchase a starter kit. There are two options:

Zyia Active Starter Kit & Contents - $450 for a $750 value

Zyia Active Starter Kit Plus with contents only $780, a $1300 value

I bought the smaller Starter Kit, but the Starter Kit Plus is a better option if you plan to host a lot of parties, want a wider variety of products, or want to keep a few extra pieces for yourself 😃. If you buy the smaller Starter Kit and later decide that you need more product, you can buy additional items at a rep discount of 25%.

Note that your Starter Kit might not have all the items listed in the photos above. When items are out of stock, they are switched out for other styles and colors. As new products launch, you may also receive new items in your kit in place of the older items. My Starter Kit was totally different from what I was expecting, but I actually like it that way!

The clothes in your Starter Kit will come in all different sizes. This makes it possible for all women to try on something from your kit. While they may not be able to try on each item in their own size, they can get a feel for how the items fit and what size to order for other items they want to purchase.

Get Started!

Once you sign up, you can start sharing Zyia Active gear right away. If you join our team, I’ll send you a text or welcome email, schedule a time to meet or Skype, and share some of our tools, checklists, and marketing tips to help you get things rolling. 🎉

You can sign up using the button below. Feel free to post questions or comments!

Become a Rep

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