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Why Zyia Active?

5 Reasons Why I Became a Zyia Active Rep

5 Reasons Why I became a Zyia Active Rep


Zyia Active isn’t your typical activewear brand. Instead of selling their products in stores, Zyia sells their products through their customers. This gives us – their customers – the opportunity to promote, sell, and profit off their gear.

Think of it this way: you go to the gym wearing your new favorite workout outfit. Your gym buddy says, “I love those leggings! Where are they from?”. You tell your friend about Zyia and send them the link. When your friend orders from Zyia, you receive a commission on the sale.

Earn money by recommending products you love? Sign me up!

So…I signed up! But it wasn’t the money that convinced me. 

Here are five reasons why I decided to become a rep for Zyia Active:

1) Clothes. Clothes. Clothes.

Zyia Active White Bomber Jacket

I am obsessed with their clothes! In fact, I noticed the clothes before I heard about the brand. My daughter’s dance teacher wore Zyia Active, and every time I saw her I thought, “She always has the cutest workout gear!”

When I learned that it was Zyia Active, I looked them up online to browse their shop.


I tried them on for the first time, and I was sold. The tanks cut in all the right places. The sports bras actually fit. The leggings feel like butter. And I didn’t know my butt could look like that!*

Now I have made it a personal goal to buy every item from their shop…just don’t tell my husband.

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*Zyia Active is for all women with sizes ranging from XXS to XXL.

2) Mission & Purpose

Zyia Active One More RepWhen I first started exercising, I discovered my inner strength. The strength to do one more rep. The power to push through one more mile. The courage to try something new.

I grew to love exercise not for what it did for my body, but for what it did for my soul!

Zyia Active shares the same mission to “inspire and uplift by making activity a fun and essential part of life.” Now that is something I can stand behind!


3) Growth Opportunities

Zyia Active launched in February 2017, and it is exploding! Many of the clothes sold out in just a few weeks (don’t worry – they have been restocked or will be getting new shipments soon). It is exciting to be a part of a company that is just starting out and watching it grow!

As a rep you can help shape and influence the future of the company. With only 100-something reps across the country the founders turn to us for input on the products, designs, and processes, and they listen! In fact, you can thank the reps for a lower-cost shipping option on orders placed online.

4) Zyia Active Community & Culture

Zyia Active is more than just a fitness apparel company. It’s a community that empowers, uplifts, and inspires one another.

Within a few hours of signing up to be a rep, I was added to an online community for reps to share advice and help each other succeed. When I was looking for an item to take to an event, I borrowed it from another rep. When I have questions day or night (literally, middle of the night!), I ask a member of my team.

We are working together to build a successful company and brand, and I am proud to work with this group of amazing women!

5) Incentives & Rewards

As a Zyia Active rep, you are eligible to receive commissions of 15-35% on products you sell and commissions of 5-11% on products your team sells. You can also receive other incentives and rewards:

  • 25% discount on products
  • Flexible hours – work whenever and wherever you want!
  • Bonuses for rank advancement
  • Recognition, retreats and trips
  • Training and tools to grow your business

So what do you think? Are you ready to become a rep? Sign up directly on our My Zyia page or click the button below to learn more about how to become a rep for Zyia Active.

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